Hollie and James – an Epic London Wedding

It was one of the hottest days of the year – enough for the tube to be warning people to carry water around with them. Obviously, I dutifully obliged, two bottles stuffed into my bag along with my cameras and lights as I chased Hollie and James around London. Three different locations, two churches and the very cool Sea Containers hotel on the South Bank.
“Church overload” was how Hollie warned me. Not only were her and James to get married in St. James’ in Picadilly, but the reception is at St Stephen’s Trust – a grade 1 listed deconsecrated church in the middle of Hampstead. And after she mentioned the Rockaoke lot (karaoke with a live band), I knew this had all the hallmarks of an epic wedding.
And I wasn’t wrong. It was epic. Looking out across the Thames, Sea Containers is an amazing place for bridal prep. St. James’ is immaculate and looked simply stunning. And St. Stephen’s, was… Well, you can see.
But the real story here was the people. Hollie and James are just infectious. Their friends and family were just as happy to be there as they were. There were tears, laughter and hugging. There was pride, memories and just a sprinkling of embarrassment. Just as I thought the day was beginning to calm down, Rockaoke arrived and kicked off big style. This was a celebration pure and simple. Exactly what I love in a wedding.
Here are a few of my favourites from the day…


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