Photo by Shelly @ Toast


Ah yes. The cringy bit where I get to tell you all about myself. It’s harder than it looks.
I drink tea, I drink red wine (not at the same time), I tell terrible jokes, I smuggle sweets into ceremonies, I’m a Dad, I Dad dance, I’m a geek, I know too many useless things. Nature has blessed me with an aerodynamic head.

I got married 15 years ago. We have two sets of photos from the day – a handful of posed shots and a big collection of random snaps from disposable cameras. I’ll be honest, it’s the second set of photos that captured the day. We had a blast. There are photos of my parents dancing, there are photos of friends chatting whilst holding bottles of wine, I think there’s even a photo of the chorus line kicking to “New York, New York”. That’s where the memories are.
That’s what I look for in a picture. Family portraits or weddings, I approach them the same. Taking pictures of people doing their thing.
Which is why I want to do for you what I do for my family now – give them some amazing looking memories.