And that was 2018…

I’m not saying this year has gone quickly, but last time I checked it was February. So when I came to put together this post it was all “Oh, of course!”, “Really? That was this year?” and “How on earth could I forget THAT?!”

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that my memory isn’t quite what it used to be. But as soon as I started going through the photos, the memories started flooding back, the smiles started and the chuckles caused my wife to check what I was looking at.

I’ve met some amazing people – really, you lot are so lovely, warm, funny and kind. You invite me into your world for one of your most important days, and let me share it with you along side your nearest and dearest. I’ve made friends with Mums, Dads, Grandmas, pole dancing friends (true story) and old uni friends. We’ve danced on the dance floor together, we’ve laughed and stressed together, and my camera may have hidden my face whilst everyone else was getting a bit tearful. Not me though – total professional.

I’ve shot weddings just around the corner, I’ve checked into certain purple themed hotels and I’ve travelled around the globe, all to share a special celebration with someone. And celebrate we did.

To everyone I’ve met, hugged, laughed with, gossiped with, danced with (yes, I’ve been dragged onto the dancefloor by the bride) and even cried with – thank you. It’s been awesome.



  1. Matt Badenoch

    Awesome work Ian! So many beautiful/hilarious moments in this collection!

  2. Pete Henderson

    Good stuff Ian! Really top set of images. Love the use of shadows.

  3. Helen Lisk

    Fabulous set! Love the way that you use light. That shot of the bride walking across the stone courtyard is incredible!

  4. Chris Bunce

    Well these are just beautiful!

  5. Lee Dann

    Stunning stuff Ian. Smashed it.

  6. Olivia Whittaker

    Such a gorgeous set looks like a fab year

  7. Hannah

    Gorgeous skin tones going on here!

  8. Rob

    Fabulous – a really joy to go through (twice!) and thoroughly inspirational – have an amazing 2019!


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