Gamal and Lizzy – Underly Grange wedding photography

If you’re sat there thinking “I swear I’ve seen that face somewhere before”, you could be right. It took me a while, but you may have seen Gamal on a little known TV channel called Sky News. Making this my first ever official celebrity wedding!

On this particular day I was lucky enough to be working with the creative whirlwind that is Liam Crawley. I’ve known Liam for a while and his fun and punchy style is infectious, so I knew the day was going to be a blast even before meeting Gamal and Lizzy. But once I’d met them, the deal was sealed. Their wedding was a full on celebration, an energetic mix of colour and fun. They were to be married in the beautiful village of Kirkby Lonsdale, and then back to Underley Grange for drinks, food and the rest of the celebrations.

I started the day with the boys, who were on youtube working out how to tie bow ties.

Massive thanks to Liam who had be along for the day (you can find his blog post here), and to Gamal and Lizzy who threw a truly amazing wedding of epic proportions. Congratulations to you!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day…


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