Becca and Naomi – The Out Barn at Clough Bottom

It’s become a bit of a cliché to say that no wedding is the same. And it’s easy to argue against – two people get married, then people eat, drink and dance. But that’s entirely missing the point. Every story is different. There are some couples you’d never put together, then there are some who’ve been together forever, there are some you never see apart, and then there’s Becca and Naomi. In a world where everything is thrown in your face, you almost miss the subtle tenderness between two people.

They threw out the rule book and made their wedding their own. A bridesmaid and best-man each. Both walking down the aisle at opposite sides of the room. They made their own traditions. The number of times I’ve seen people stressing about the correct side to pin a button hole on, it’s very easy to forget that it doesn’t matter. No one is ticking off a check list. Your marriage still counts if you see your partner before the ceremony.

Yes, no wedding is the same, they’re as unique as you make them. But every single wedding is a celebration about your commitment to each other.

This is Becca and Naomi’s wedding at the beautiful Out Barn in Clitheroe. And here are a few of my favourites from the day…


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