Laura and Elliott – Partying hard at the Hepworth

I’m not saying that the pictures aren’t perfectly self-explanatory, but I feel a little back story helps.

Meet Elliott and Laura. They were married earlier this year in Mexico. No, I wasn’t invited. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Destination weddings are a wonderful way of doing something very special in a wonderful location whilst surrounded by those closest to you. The only downside is that all your mates still want to celebrate with you, but it’s pretty difficult when they’re on the other side of the world.

So hold a party for them. You hire out the Calder building at the Hepworth (an incredible venue that I’ve been looking to shoot at for ages), you get your brother’s band to nip across from France, you make sure the bar is well stocked and put your dress on again.

We grabbed a couple of portraits on the bridge, and then went inside to dance. With most weddings I’ll dive into the dancefloor with everyone else until people start flagging. An hour or two in, and people get tired. That’s normally my cue to hug the bride and groom, pack up my gear and call it a night. This particular night, I got to 1am before I gave in. The party was still going strong and I admitted defeat. Laura and Elliott, you win.

The two songs you’re looking for are the ‘Grease Megamix’, and ‘Time of my life’ if you get lost towards the end…

Laura. Elliott. Thank you.

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  1. Elliott Johnson

    Great work Ian, and thanks again!

    Glad you enjoyed the night and will definitely be recommending you highly to anyone who needs an event photographer.



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