Zippy and Danny at Micklefield Hall – London wedding photography

If you’re thinking “Something about this wedding seems familiar” you’d be onto something. There’s a slight family resemblance between the bride and a bride from earlier in the year. Zippy is Tizzy’s sister, who’d gotten married to Aron just a few months previous. So here I was, back again with Warren from Howell Jones Photography, braced for a rollercoaster of a day.

I stuck with Danny for most of the day – following him through signing the Titch, him seeing Zippy for the first time and the two of them meeting up under the Chuppah. Zippy and Danny had chosen the beautiful Micklefield Hall to get married, and it’s buildings and grounds were perfect for the day.

Whilst I was slightly more prepared for the whirlwind that is a Jewish wedding, it was still and exhilarating day. Danny and Zippy couldn’t have looked happier, and their family and friends couldn’t have helped more to celebrate it.

Thanks again to Warren for having me along, and to Zippy and Danny for letting me share their day with them.

Here are a few of my favourites.


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