Christina and John at the York Hospitium

The way I see it, I’ve got a pretty simple job. I meet with a couple, chat with them, get to know them a little bit, find out what makes them amazing and then put that into a bunch of photos. Awesome photos, obviously. But I want to be able to see what they see in each other. Nothing makes my cynical heart melt than seeing two people light up when they’re talking to each other.
And that’s exactly how it is with Christina and John. When I met them in Costa, a stones throw from their various venues, it was pretty obvious why they were getting married. The centre of York is a beautiful place at the best of times, but when you’re looking out of a coffee shop window having various buildings excitedly pointed out to you, it takes on a whole new light.
Yes, St Wilfred’s is a beautiful church (the light in there is something else). The Principle is the perfect backdrop for prep, and the Hospitium is the amazing place to party. But the two people getting married made it. Their infectious smiles. Christina’s complete lack of being phased when her car didn’t turn up (not many brides can say they were driven to the church by an Uber booked about 10 mins previously). John’s inability to hold a serious face whilst shooting the ‘moody’ shot. Christina and her mums utter joy at both having dresses with pockets (it’s the future).
Happiness spreads. John summed it up pretty perfectly in his speech about their first date – “and I thought, there’s a smile I could wake up to every day”.


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