Being a wedding photographer, you get to speak to a lot of clergy. After getting the logistics out of the way (no, I wouldn’t dream of using flash, and of course I’ll be discrete) there’s usually a discussion about how late the bride will be. After agreeing that 5-10 minutes is expected, there’s normally the story about a bride who was 45 minutes late. Well, Jemma was that bride.

Kirkby Malham is in the beautiful North Yorkshire country side, and like most rurual villages, is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. So Jemma’s delay wasn’t entirely unexpected and will probably give the clergy another anecdote to tell future wedding parties. But, as with all delays, last minute hitches, problems and panics, it was soon forgotten. Sam and Jemma were duly wed, tears were shed, confetti thrown, and everyone tried to navigate the country lanes to get back to the reception.

Taitlands is a beautiful house in the middle of the North Yorkshire Dales, and gave us the perfect backdrop. The views were stunning and I think we even saw a little bit of sunshine.

Big thanks to Rob Freeman for having me along for the day, and big congratulations to Sam and Jemma.

Here are a few of my favourites.

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