Matfen Hall wedding photography

Matfen Hall – I remember it well.

There’s always something very special about snow on your wedding day. Obviously, snow is pretty special anyway, but when you have crisp white sheets of the cold stuff stretched out in front of you, it’s pretty magical. And when you’re getting married at the beautiful Matfen Hall, it’s gonna look amazing.

And so Laura and David lucked out back in March last year when their wedding had an extra decoration. Getting there was touch and go – emergency accommodation was sought just in case we weren’t able to get back out. In fact, the roads were only cleared the day before.

Extra props to Laura and David who braved the cold to get a few portraits. The rest of us were shivering in our coats, whilst these two looked like they were on a tropical island somewhere!

Thanks to Gavin for having me along. Here are a few of my favourites of the day…



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