“Is this your first Jewish wedding?”
“Stick with Aron. Don’t let him out of your sight or you’ll miss something. There’s always something going on at a Jewish wedding!”

Warren from Howell Jones Photography was briefing me about Aron and Tizzy’s big day – making sure I was well prepared. Looking back, I can see why!

The custom of getting married is pretty common, but the way different people celebrate it is vast. So many varied customs and rituals from all over the world, all to celebrate the commitment of two people to each other. There are always a few things in common though. There’s a ceremony. There’s a big family presence. There’s a lot of pride, there’s a lot of nerves, and there’s a lot of celebrating.

So I managed to keep track of Aron for most of the day. I got to witness the signing of the Tisch, I followed the dancing, and the ceremony. And then some more dancing. And then the proper dancing starts.

This was a proper celebration, and it looked exhausting.

It was a real pleasure to be part of Tizzy and Aron’s wedding, such a spectacle with such joy and fun. Congratulations you two. And thanks to Warren for having me along for the day.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day…