I couldn’t even tell you how many times we’ve visited Ilfracombe (though I’m sure I could work it out if I looked back at my photo archive), but we seem to come back every year. Same house, same beaches, same arcade, same rooms, same jokes about visiting Hele, and even the same food missions (ice cream, fudge, fish and chips, cream teas and a pasty). It’s become a bit of a family staple. What is fascinating though is going back through the photos from each year and seeing how everyone has changed yet stayed the same. The fishing nets, ice cream flavours and beaches stay the same. Naps, height and push-chairs change.

Here are a few from this year…

Family-Holiday-02 Family-Holiday-03 Family-Holiday-04 Family-Holiday-05 Family-Holiday-06 Family-Holiday-08 Family-Holiday-09 Family-Holiday-10 Family-Holiday-11 Family-Holiday-13 Family-Holiday-15 Family-Holiday-16 Family-Holiday-17 Family-Holiday-18 Family-Holiday-19 Family-Holiday-20 Family-Holiday-21 Family-Holiday-22 Family-Holiday-23 Family-Holiday-24 Family-Holiday-25 Family-Holiday-26 Family-Holiday-27 Family-Holiday-28 Family-Holiday-29 Family-Holiday-30 Family-Holiday-31 Family-Holiday-32 Family-Holiday-33 Family-Holiday-34 Family-Holiday-35 Family-Holiday-36 Family-Holiday-38 Family-Holiday-39 Family-Holiday-40 Family-Holiday-42 Family-Holiday-44Family-Holiday-45Family-Holiday-46 Family-Holiday-47 Family-Holiday-48 Family-Holiday-49 Family-Holiday-51 Family-Holiday-52 Family-Holiday-54 Family-Holiday-55 Family-Holiday-56 Family-Holiday-59 Family-Holiday-61 Family-Holiday-63 Family-Holiday-64 Family-Holiday-65 Family-Holiday-66 Family-Holiday-67