Chrissie and Simon – Cubley Hall wedding photography

The phrase ‘intimate wedding’ gets used an awful lot. I used to think it meant just a small number of people, but the longer I do this job (and I use the term ‘job’ loosely!) the more I realise it’s nothing to do with size. It’s about the people and who you celebrate with. It’s about the connection you have with those you want to be at your wedding.

Chrissie and Simon’s wedding was just that. A celebration with their nearest and dearest. Every person there willing on the two people at the front of the room. The two who had the biggest smiles on their faces. For two people who don’t take life too seriously, this was a big moment.

From the ‘Just Merried’ sign through to me being dragged onto the dance floor by Chrissie (because everyone else was being boring) – this was a celebration through and through. Big thanks to Cubley Hall for having us, and for Chrissie and Simon for letting me into their lives for the day…


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