That’s me in the photo – I’m Ian, a photographer, a Dad and a bit of a geek.

I’m a cake lover and a tea lover. And sweets. But not liquorice. That stuff is just wrong.

And a camera lover.

I like my photos to tell you about a moment. To tell you about a person. To make you feel like you were there. Photos will bring back memories and help to tell a story.

Which is why I love photographing weddings, and it’s why I love photographing a birthday or a trip to the park. Anything where I come away with a collection of moments and memories in my camera.

I like pretty light, and sunsets, and dark shadows. And colours, and black and white. And moody, and bright. I like finding beauty in random objects, the abstract and in emotion.

So yes, a bit geeky, with a taste for tea and cake, and a love of people and memories.