Fine art wedding photography - bride and groom in a corn field

Six flower-girls. Plus a bridesmaid.

Normally bridal prep is a relaxed but tense affair. Usually a time for the nerves to build, the little last minute panics, and the taste of hairspray. But this was a bit different. Manic would be a good word. Bride, bridesmaid, and 6 girls all getting ready, plus accompanying parents and family members helping out. Suddenly the rather large suite at the beautiful Hazlewood Castle seemed rather small.

You might remember Anna and Sam from their pre-wedding shoot at Flamborough. They were the ones paddling in the sea whilst it rained. So I knew this was going to be a fun wedding, and that they weren’t scared of a bit of rain. And yes, possibly a bit manic.

But the rain stayed away (for the most part), and the flower-girls behaved impeccably (for the most part) and we got to take a walk in some amazing light in the evening. It was such a genuinely touching day to be part of. And I even managed to capture Anna’s serious face.

Thank you to Sam and Anna for inviting me along. You broke me a little bit that day, but it was worth it.

Here’s what happened…


Hazlewood castle wedding photographyBridal perparation in the suite bathroomFather of the bride relaxing, watching TV during bridal preparationBeautifully lit wedding dress hanging in a messy roomBridesmaid, dresses and flower-girl shoesBridesmaid curling her eyebrows. To this day I don't understand why.Gift from the groom to the bride. A watch to make her time keeping better....Bride with the hair dresser at Hazlewood CastleFather of the Bride giving her a card on her wedding day. Tears ensue. Kisses and hugs for the bride from her parents as things get a bit emotional.One of the flower girls tries on the veil during bridal preparation. Flower-girl sits down with her doll ready for her hair doingFlower-girls and bride look on as the hairdresser works her magic during bridal preparationFood arrives during bridal preparation at Hazlewood Castle. Fish and chips. Yum.The dress goes on. Mother of the bride starts work on the ribbon at the back Father of the Bride arrives and sees his daughter in her dress for the first time.Father, mother and daughter laughing breaking the nerves.Bride finishing off her make up in the bathroom at Hazlewood CastleA little girl watches on as the bride finishes getting readyAbstract shot of girl running around during bridal preparationsAbstract shot of men waiting around before a ceremonyDocumentary photography of guests before a wedding ceremony Groom and best man chatting and laughing in the lead up to the ceremonyMale guest and moon.Reportage photography of guests during the build up to the ceremonyFinishing touches during wedding preparationsFine art documentary image of a hairdresser putting the finishing touches to a brideBride and bridesmaid share a moment, laughing during the final build upBride, sister and father walking through the corridors on the way to the ceremony Fine art portrait of a bride. And descending the stairs at Hazlewood Castle.Abstract of the bride's mother talking to the flower-girlsMoments before the ceremony. Bride and flower-girls gather and get organised.The bridal party prepare to enter the ceremony room. The groom waits.The bride enters the room with her father.Tender moment as bride and groom see each other for the first time. Bride drying her eyes during the ceremony.The registrar talking to the happily married couple as they sign the register.More eye drying during the ceremony. Flower-girls running down the aisle. Newly married couple laugh as boy poses in front of fireplaceFlower-girls running around a table outside as the sun breaks through the rain.Happy couple leave the wedding party for some portraitsReportage fine art photo of couple laughing away from wedding party.Couple kissing against a corn field and a dirt trackNewly-weds having informal fine art portraits taken after their weddingFine art groom and bride portraitFine art bridal portrait, and couples portrait at Hazlewood Castle, YorkshireBrides friends disown her now that she's married. Sad times.Groom portrait. And couple entering Hazlewood castle.Mr and Mrs sign and bunting during wedding breakfast. Bride laughs during groom's speechGroom's parents laughing between themselves during speechesPhoto bomber during speechesBride not quite believing what she's hearing during father-of-the-bride speech.Beautiful light in a moody shot of the bride during speeches.The cupcakes. Enjoyed by all. Particularly the icing.Flower-girl studying her cup cake which is about to be devoured. We got a rainbow! Also, the bride in a fine art photo against a secret staircase in the libraryBride plays with the flower girls by the moon photo boothBridal portraits outside Hazlewood Castle, YorkshireInformal fine art portraits in beautiful light of the happy coupleBride and groom laughing during posing for portraitsBeautiful sun drenched natural portraits of a bride and groom in YorkshireBeautifully lit portrait of newly weds walking along an overgrown dirt track.Couple embracing against a castle wall by a cute windowBacklit portraits during a romantic sunset at Hazlewood Castle, YorkshireBride and groom holding hands against a beautiful sunset backdrop.Guests relaxing in the beautiful grounds of Hazlewood CastleGuests chatting and laughing in Hazlewood Castle YorkshireThe cake, cupcakes, candles, tractor cake and that trailer...The bride having her dress adjusted. Honest.Kids break dancing on the dance floor.Bridesmaid dances/gets pulled around by the flower-girls at the disco.The first dance. Everyone watches. Not an iPad in sight.Bride and groom, all romantic like during the first dance.The groom getting mobbed by his friends after the first dance.Bride, bridesmaid and all the children owning the dance floorFlower-girl deciding that enough is enough with her socks. Off they come.The bride spinning like a princess with a flower-girl on the dance floorGet your hands in the air! Guests on the dance floorGetting your kicks. Even I couldn't get that high.Portraits of bride and groom at dusk. Bride and groom sharing a quiet moment over looking the views across Yorkshrire from Hazlewood Castle

A bit about the other people involved:

Anna’s hair was by Kymberley Jefferson

Flowers were from The Flower Shop

and Anna’s stunning dress was from Elegance Bridal Boutique