It was when I met up with Thomas a few weeks before the wedding that I knew this was going to be a happy wedding. Sumi was unable to make the meeting, and so I asked Thomas to tell me a little about her. His eyes lit up and he proceeded to describe this wonderful woman to me. I didn’t need to ask what attracted him to her, or what she looked like, or how they were together – it just came out.

I suspect we all feel that loving and warm about our partners deep down, and that we’re thankful for them being who they are. But few of us actually say it out loud. It’s too easy to poke fun, or to have a quick moan about this or that. And with that, Thomas set the tone for the wedding.

The elegant backdrop of the Harris Manchester college in Oxford almost faded into second place once Sumi and Thomas’ friends and family were around. Laughter and smiles were in excess, the sun was out and the atmosphere was celebratory.

And that dress… We were running late, so I didn’t pay it too much attention as I grabbed a few shots before Sumi went to put it on. But the room went a little quiet as she walked in. To say she looked stunning would be a little of an understatement.

And then it was time to party. Everyone crammed into the Grand Cafe in Oxford for dancing and cocktails. It was emotional.

Sumi and Thomas, thank you. Here are a few of my favourites…

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