It’s easy to forget sometimes, amongst the rushing, the preparations, the hugs, the laughing, and turning up to the wrong venue (yes, it happened!), about what weddings are really about. It’s definitely about two people showing their commitment to each other, but it’s also a celebration of how two people are so much more than their individual parts.

Watching a groom’s face light up as his partner walks down the aisle is one of the perks of the job. As is watching them party hard in the evening as they sing at each other. Hard. And it’s done with their friends and family. Even those who turned up at the wrong place.

Thank you Dani and Matt. It was a fantastic day, and even the November rain wasn’t enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. Some other mentions – the band Vibetown were fantastic, Cubley Hall was just beautiful, and Carol at Brampton Bierlow Church was one of the nicest Vicars I’ve met. And particular thanks to Rachel who was my second in command/organiser/boss for the day.

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